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A Beautiful day was made to raise awareness and to help bring an end to poverty. Please donate to United Way to help the less fortunate.


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Inspired by early 90's dance music, hiphop and pop music Dancekore is guaranteed to keep you moving with their energetic, upbeat and captivating sounds. This duo combines the fast paced dance music we all know and love with their own flair and vibe to create music that will grab your attention and get you on your feet.  Enter the world of Dancekore when you come to one of their live shows where you will be transported back to the 90's, thrown full force into the club scene of today, and opened up to what life with F40 & Gemini is all about. 

  • Victory3:47

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We have been busy in the studio working on new music! There are exciting things in the works! Stay tuned for details..


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  • Good Life3:25
  • Do My Thing0:00
  • Way It Is3:57
  • In My Head0:00
  • Poppin My Collar0:00
  • Rock This5:07
  • Dont Wanna Work3:10
  • Hands Up5:09

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  • trap music4:16
  • My Love3:56
  • Beach Body Anthem3:33
  • Body Beast4:00

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